Amy’s Work

Below are a few examples of my work.

Village Regeneration

This was a project conducted in Northern Cyprus in 2008 in a village called Akcicek (pronounced Ackicheck) which had been devastated during the 1974 Population Exchange Agreement between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. The aim of the project was to create initial designs to restore and regenerate the bomb-shelled village center, working closely with the locals and regional design university.

Through interviewing locals and conducting thorough site surveys I reconstructed a new village “square” (the final design’s oval) which linked all the major village roads and important public buildings, to form a more bustling and interactive village center. The design was sympathetic to the existing buildings, using existing building methods and materials, whilst also standing apart as a gathering and focal point of the village.

Church Regeneration

This was a regeneration project done on a church in Oxford called St Luke’s. The church, built in the 1940’s out of stud walls and ply board paneling, with asbestos tiled roof shingles, was in desperate need of updating, both in it’s design as well as in accordance with health and safety regulations. The parish wished to restore the building’s original purpose in the community (most recently it had been used as a storage area and occasional day-care center) by breathing new life into the building and creating a welcoming, light and clean space for worship and care.

Through talks and meetings, both with the clients and with the wider community, I created this more contemporary design, focusing on a clean look with elegant long windows and skylights to allow for maximum natural daylight to flood the church interior.

Oxford Old Town Project

This design project was based in Oxford and focused on the restoration of St Michael’s Tower and the North Gate of the old city wall in the historic city center. A study was conducted on Oxford being a possible trade route from London (and therefore the coast) to the Midlands during the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era between 550 and 1066AD.

As I have a passion for Anglo-Saxon and Norse architecture and history, this project was purely an exercise in research and design. I recreated a reconstruction of the St Michael’s Tower and North Gate based on the assumption that some traditional forms of architecture and building techniques were exchanged between the local Anglo-Saxons and Norse settlers.


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