China’s Low Carbon Zones Not Necessarily Low Carbon

 Here is an article from China Dialogue (12.11.12) that I came upon on how government designated low-carbon industrial zones in reality seem to be that in name only.

This article, although not directly linked with our main topics of discussion here on Project: China, does sum up quite well the general approach to the still new notions of sustainability and low-carbon building initiatives with regards to both the building industry and, to a larger extent, the government’s climate change policy.

As is often the case with sustainable or “green” schemes, though the message from the top is that they are a necessity, without proper guidance or visible incentives, local governments see little value in pursuing theses schemes beyond allocating them to businesses and telling them to “figure it out” themselves. This of course typically ends up in the private businesses cutting corners in order to save money rather than pursue the stated goals of the central government.

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