The Urban Superblock, Not So Super

The Urban Superblock, Not So Super

Superblocks in the financial area * There was an interview recently by CNN Money with urban designer Peter Calthrope on China’s fast paced urban development and the unsustainable model of the superblock. Anyone who has visited or lived in a major Chinese city will be all too familiar with the superblock; large-scale apartment and business complexes with monotone facades and… Read more →

Hall Of Rectitude Rebuilt

Here is an article by the International Herald Tribune on the restoration of the Hall of Rectitude in the Forbidden City. Seeing as the original complex burnt down in 1923 I’m not sure it can accurately be called a restoration, and perhaps would better suit the title of ‘reconstruction’. The complex – initially created in 1697 – consists of 10 Buddhist buildings originally… Read more →

China's Fast And Furious Urbanization

China’s Fast And Furious Urbanization

 This was an article first published in the Architecture Source (13.11.12) discussing China’s rapid urban development and the social effects attached to such growth. The article talks about the same dilemma encountered in other fast-developing countries, namely the ability of a government to mass-develop a city, yet once completed it lies abandoned.  Lack of infrastructure and services, no pre-existing economy or… Read more →

China's Low Carbon Zones Not Necessarily Low Carbon

China’s Low Carbon Zones Not Necessarily Low Carbon

 Here is an article from China Dialogue (12.11.12) that I came upon on how government designated low-carbon industrial zones in reality seem to be that in name only. This article, although not directly linked with our main topics of discussion here on Project: China, does sum up quite well the general approach to the still new notions of sustainability and low-carbon… Read more →

10 Historic Towers At A Crossroads

10 Historic Towers At A Crossroads

Penglai Pavilion An article by the People’s Daily Online (12.11.12) discusses a failed attempt to apply for World Cultural Heritage status for 10 historic towers due to a lack of consensus. This article (indirectly) follows on from a previous article posted here and originally covered by The China Daily on what appears to be the same committee’s cry for better “efforts to… Read more →

Big Plans For China's Huge Eco-City

Big Plans For China’s Huge Eco-City

Business Insider article published at the beginning of the month (02.11.12) on China’s plans for an entirely new eco-city named the “Great City” on the outskirts of Chengdu. Scroll down the article to see the interesting concept design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.   The “Great City” is a plan for an ambitious urban center designed to limit its… Read more →

Dashilan's Inevitable Fate?

Dashilan’s Inevitable Fate?

This article was originally published in the Global Times (09.11.12) and discusses the ongoing development projects in the Qianmen area of Beijing, using the example of the former Quanyechang department store as an example of  the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning’s approach to building preservation.   It said historic buildings will be preserved, and there will be eight new buildings in “neo”… Read more →