China Projects

  • The Brickyard Retreat at Mutianyu

    Description: The Brickyard Retreat is a boutique hotel located in the village of Beigou near the Mutianyu sections of the Great Wall, around an 80 minute drive from Beijing’s city center. It was created by Jim Spear, a designer with a long-standing relationship with the township of Bohai, having settled in Mutianyu village with his wife and business partner Liang Tang over 10 years... Read more →

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  • Red Capital Club and Residence

    Description: Restored Beijing courtyards (Siheyuan) featuring typical layouts and original fixtures and decorations. Overhanging walkways surround small open-air stone courtyards with interiors decorated in a Chinese 1920s - 50s style.

    Location: Dong Si area in Dong Cheng, Beijing

    Type of Architecture: Traditional Beijing courtyards

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  • Shambhala Serai Himalayan Heritage Hotels

    Description: The first geo-tourism hotels in China, these Heritage Hotels feature restored Tibetan architecture with a sincere ethos on sustainable tourism and supporting ethnic minorities and their skills.

    Location: Lhasa, Terdrom and Gyantse, Tibet Autonomous Region

    Type of Architecture: Traditional Tibetan architecture

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  • Naked Retreats

    Description: The Naked Reserves creates eco-tourism holiday retreats through the restoration of existing local buildings on site and sustainable new-builds. The two projects - 'naked Home Village' and 'naked Stables Private Reserve' - are some of the leading examples in sustainable tourism in China.

    Location: Moganshan 395 Village and Paitou Town, both in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province

    Type of Architecture: Zhejiang village houses and new-build

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  • The Linden Centre

    Description: Sensitively restored home of a former Bai merchant. Traditional architecture features adorn the property, including sky wells, decorative carved eaves and original wood-carved screens. The Linden Centre is known to be a leading example of architectural restoration and cultural conservation.

    Location: Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province

    Type of Architecture: Traditional Bai architecture

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