China Projects

On this page weíve selected a few restoration projects in China we feel are worth a mention, both for their considerate approach to the existing architecture and surrounding environment, and also for the various project leadersí philosophies on integrating with and supporting the local communities.

  • The Brickyard Retreat at Mutianyu

    Description: The Brickyard Retreat is a boutique hotel located in the village of Beigou¬†near the Mutianyu sections of the Great Wall, around an 80¬†minute drive from Beijing’s city center. It was created by Jim Spear, a designer with a long-standing relationship with the township of Bohai, having settled in Mutianyu village¬†with his wife and business partner Liang Tang over 10 years... Read more →

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  • Red Capital Club and Residence

    Description: Restored Beijing courtyards (Siheyuan) featuring typical layouts and original fixtures and decorations. Overhanging walkways surround small open-air stone courtyards with interiors decorated in a Chinese 1920s - 50s style.

    Location: Dong Si area in Dong Cheng, Beijing

    Type of Architecture: Traditional Beijing courtyards

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  • Shambhala Serai Himalayan Heritage Hotels

    Description: The first geo-tourism hotels in China, these Heritage Hotels feature restored Tibetan architecture with a sincere ethos on sustainable tourism and supporting ethnic minorities and their skills.

    Location: Lhasa, Terdrom and Gyantse, Tibet Autonomous Region

    Type of Architecture: Traditional Tibetan architecture

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  • Naked Retreats

    Description: The Naked Reserves creates eco-tourism holiday retreats through the restoration of existing local buildings on site and sustainable new-builds. The two projects - 'naked Home Village' and 'naked Stables Private Reserve' - are some of the leading examples in sustainable tourism in China.

    Location: Moganshan 395 Village and Paitou Town, both in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province

    Type of Architecture: Zhejiang village houses and new-build

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  • The Linden Centre

    Description: Sensitively restored home of a former Bai merchant. Traditional architecture features adorn the property, including sky wells, decorative carved eaves and original wood-carved screens. The Linden Centre is known to be a leading example of architectural restoration and cultural conservation.

    Location: Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province

    Type of Architecture: Traditional Bai architecture

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