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In our Sustainable Building category we feature all the posts that relate to the subject of green building technology and practices and sustainable building projects in China.

Chinas building industry is slowly coming around to sustainable building practices. With such a rapidly developing building industry its simply un-economical to ignore certain sustainable building practices, such as recycling concrete, installing solar heated water tanks, and, according to one article, LEDs in all the traffic lights. Take the latest plans for creating the tallest tower in 90 days; all the glazing is said to be quadruple glazing, with the latest air conditioning and thermal insulation technology minimising heat transfer. Although it might still be a long way from zero-carbon houses being the norm here, the Chinese building industry can not afford to lag too far behind on sustainability issues.

If you’ve come across an article about, or a had a personal experience with sustainable building issues in China that you would like to share with us, feel free to contact us.

The Urban Superblock, Not So Super

The Urban Superblock, Not So Super

Superblocks in the financial area * There was an interview recently by CNN Money with urban designer Peter Calthrope on China’s fast paced urban development and the unsustainable model of the superblock. Anyone who has visited or lived in a major Chinese city will be all too familiar with the superblock; large-scale apartment and business complexes with monotone facades and… Read more →

China's Low Carbon Zones Not Necessarily Low Carbon

China’s Low Carbon Zones Not Necessarily Low Carbon

 Here is an article from China Dialogue (12.11.12) that I came upon on how government designated low-carbon industrial zones in reality seem to be that in name only. This article, although not directly linked with our main topics of discussion here on Project: China, does sum up quite well the general approach to the still new notions of sustainability and low-carbon… Read more →

Big Plans For China's Huge Eco-City

Big Plans For China’s Huge Eco-City

Business Insider article published at the beginning of the month (02.11.12) on China’s plans for an entirely new eco-city named the “Great City” on the outskirts of Chengdu. Scroll down the article to see the interesting concept design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.   The “Great City” is a plan for an ambitious urban center designed to limit its… Read more →

Increasing Signs Of Sustainable Design

Increasing Signs Of Sustainable Design

Beijing City Article featured in inmanNEWS (02.11.12) about the “western” perspective on China’s outlook on environmental policies and how this is at odds with the reality of what China is already doing, and has been doing for a while, in the name of sustainability. This article deals more with the general issue of sustainability in China, rather than specifically with regards… Read more →