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Jiaqi is currently seeking an entry level actuarial role in the insurance industry in Boston, Massachusetts. As a former data-driven marketing professional, Jiaqi has always enjoyed using a quantitative approach to make sound business decisions. She embraces new challenges and is fascinated with different cultures. She also takes interests in traditional Chinese architecture, historic heritage protection as well as sustainability in urban planning.

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  1. Pear Orchard Temple update - August 2015 by Chris Barclay

    […] the temple while balancing sacred and secular interests of the community. The talk was sponsored by China Building Restoration. Chris will also speak in Tibet in September at the Khampa RegionHeritage Development […]

  2. Ann Churchill,Counselor,Oakland,CA
    Ann Churchill,Counselor,Oakland,CA at | | Reply

    Amazing to know so intimately about this temple in another culture. This one site is so rich . Love the cooking school idea. I like the way you have merged the secular and religious.Can you also post your talk in Tibet?

    1. Amy
      Amy at | | Reply

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your comments, we’re so happy you enjoyed the post! I’m not sure if we will post Chris’ talk in Tibet, but I’m sure you could contact him directly if you would like more information on it. You can find Chris’ contact information on one of the slides within this article (in the image gallery at the bottom of the article), or you can check out his websites and for more information on his projects.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

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