Preserve, Restore Or Create Anew?

Article featured in the Global Times (06.11.12) on the Old Summer Palace, YuanMingYuan, and the ongoing debate about whether to restore, rebuild or simply preserve the site.

The article outlines the shift in people’s outlook over the past few decades¬†towards how best to commemorate this part of China’s history.

Although a few people are still debating whether to rebuild the Old Summer Palace, the main focus has shifted to preserving the site under the UNESCO banner, according to Yao Limin, vice secretary general of the Yuanmingyuan Society of China.

Even though the plan to completely recreate the Old Summer Palace in Zhejiang came to nothing in the 2006 debate, there have been rumors circulating that this idea of moving the entire footprint to another location has not been abandoned, so watch this space.

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