Happy Year of the Ram!

We here at Project: China Building Restoration would like to wish all our readers the best for the coming Year of the Ram!

The Ram is the 8th sign in the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese regard the ram or sheep as an auspicious animal, so the Year of the Ram is one of promise and prosperity. In Chinese, the ram or sheep character (羊 ‘yang’) refers to both the family of sheep and goat, without any further distinction needed. We feel ”ram” is the most fitting though, as “happy year of the goat” just doesn’t carry quite the same ring to it…

Exciting things in store for The Year of the Ram!

In the coming year we look forward to bringing you more current and informative posts on the building restoration industry and other relevant topics in China.

We’re also very excited to continue our new partnership with architecture and interior design company anySCALE, and are moving forward together with several courtyard restoration projects. More news on those to come!

Finally, Project:China Building Restoration will be holding some speaking events on current topics related to the building restoration industry in China throughout the year. If you are in Beijing we hope you will join us, and for our friends abroad we will have the audio available for download. So keep those eyes and ears open for more information!

Don’t Miss Out!

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So, without further ado (and in true Chinese form):

May your plans aim high and move swiftly and surely to prosperity, like the step of a nimble mountain goat jumping from rock to rock to ever higher heights,

May the wooly coat of health protect your body and mind,

May your dreams spiral upwards like the majestic horns of the ram,

And may you enjoy the simple things in life, as a lamb enjoys frolicking in the fields in spring.

Year of the Ram

Happy Chinese New Year!


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Passionate about all things related to traditional architecture and cultures Amy has a keen interest in building restoration and sustainable architecture. Living in, and traveling around China has given Amy the opportunity to become increasingly exposed to many different forms of traditional Chinese architecture and local Chinese cultures.

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