What Is Project: China Building Restoration?

Project: China Building Restoration is a website that reports on all things related to building restoration and sustainable building projects in China. We also feature interesting projects on the China eco-tourism industry and on sustainability issues, as weve often found these subjects to be linked in one way or another. Project:China Building Restoration publishes articles and reporting on these subjects in order to provide a comprehensive summary of the building restoration industry in China. The articles are archived according to category and easily accessible for review on our Categories page, and we also feature many examples of successful restoration projects in our China Projects page.


Why Did I Start This Site?

When I first started researching the building restoration and sustainable building industries in China, I found there was no one reliable source of information to turn to.

Building Restoration — Sustainable Building Practices — Eco-Tourism — Green Buildings — Building Preservation

These are emerging trends in the Chinese building industry, and whilst I believe that they are only going to gain more traction and interest over the next decade, the information out there is still pretty scant and scattered. The purpose of this website therefore is to gather all the information I am able to find on these topics and place it in one easily accessible database in order to get a clear picture of these industries in their entirety.


A Bit About Me – From Middle Earth To The Middle Kingdom

Passionate about all things related to traditional architecture and cultures, I have a keen interest in building restoration. Since 2010 to 2016  I worked in Beijing, first as an architectural consultant and then as an interior designer, exploring hutongs and wandering around Old Beijing in my spare time. Living in, and traveling around China has given me the opportunity to become increasingly exposed to many different forms of traditional Chinese architecture and local Chinese cultures, which has only fueled this interest. I left the UK to explore China with a BA and diploma in architecture from Oxford Brookes University, as well as several years of working experience. In my years before moving to China I focused more on working with vernacular buildings in Oxfordshire, developing a love for Anglo-Saxon architecture, which blurs into my more geeky interest for all things Middle Earth.

You can visit my portfolio website at amymathieson.me to see my latest projects. Click here to see some examples of my earlier university work.


Project: China Building Restoration is updated on a monthly basis, and there is the option to subscribe for free to the monthly newsletter, which sends a summary of all the articles directly to your inbox.

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  1. Radium
    Radium at | | Reply

    Hi Amy! My name is Radium. I think I know about your website and you from a mutual friend of ours- Jasmine Tillu even though we have never really been officially introduced. I’ve had a closer look to your website and I’m thrilled to find someone as geeky as I am about the same subject. I don’t really have an awesome website like yours but probably this Panoramio site can help explain a little bit about my passion for historic architecture and my geekiness…;)


    I’d really love to get to know more about your work and to actually meet you in person at some point in the near future since we both live in Beijing. Please feel free to get back to me via my email. It is written on the Panoramio site. Hope to hear from you soon!

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